Fabric Origins

A goal here at Hostel Del Funk besides inspiring our customers to relax and dream is to also support hand made items and the Mayan people. All of the fabrics that are used to create our clothing here at Hostel Del Funk, clothing that finds their way to “Funking Up” your style at your favorite festival originate from Guatemala, or as I like to fondly call “GuateMaya”. From the heart of the indigenous Mayan people and culture. Guatemala is a beautiful land filled with lakes, volcanoes, and forests that is overflowing with delicious hot cacao around every corner. A land populated by mostly Mayan people that have kept alive and preserved much of their indigenous heritage. Hand woven fabrics are an essential part to maintaining the Mayan heritage. Generations of this culture surviving Spanish conquistadors, colonialism, and civil war have managed to weave through time their traditions and culture in the very threads that they wear. This is very evident with Mayan women who wear traditional skirts that are known as cortes. These cortes are all hand woven with intricate patterns, designs, colors, and embroidery. These cortes however are more than just beautiful. The unique weaves and patterns convey the origin of the region and of the wearer. Keeping the Mayan heritage alive. This fabric can take months to create using traditional foot looms.

Because of this, every piece of fabric is absolutely unique. All of the fabric sourced for our clothing is hand woven. The vast majority of our clothing use these very cortes. These cortes are purchased from markets through out Guatemala, specifically near and around Lake Atitlan. ALL of these cortes are purchased second hand at these markets. The cortes used for our apparel could have possibly been worn for a decade or longer before journeying into the hands of our team of artists at Lake Atitlan who use this fabric to create the awe inspiring threads for our festival apparel.

None of these fabrics are produced in mass quantities. Neither is our apparel. Through out the year we only have small batches of specific items created. However because of this, every single festival apparel that we sell is 100% unique. In this way, we are supporting artists at Lake Atitlan, supporting the time honored tradition of clothing being created by hand, supporting the ideal of up-cycling clothing to better our environment, and as well as helping to maintain the Mayan culture and heritage. From hand woven and hand sewed, embroidered, worn by loving Mayan women to then journeying to our artists to be up-cycled and transformed into festival attire.

Because of this, I wish to thank you for your love and support.

Mucho Amor y Funk up your Day,
Robert Mathias – Founder & Owner of Hostel Del Funk