Hostel Del Funk was founded in 2018 in New Hampshire by Robert Mathias with huge inspirations from Central America.  Hostel Del Funk is a mobile hostel, boutique, & art gallery serving New England’s funkiest, jam, bass and loving music festivals. We offer hostel amenities, hand made festival apparel with fabric sourced from Guatemala, medicinal cacao, and inspire festival goers to Relax & Dream while at our booth.  We take pride in the energy we put into creating such a space that strives to embrace the community atmosphere of music festivals.  We always have a lounge where festival goers can relax in our hammocks and chairs.  Plus at Hostel Del Funk, we are a mobile art gallery and always have art on display by White Mountain Funk or other artists in the New England festival scene.  Most festivals we will have workshops taking place, art being created, late night acoustic music, story telling, and best of all: free cacao ceremonies!


For all bookings, vending, and sales, please email us at HostelDelFunk@Gmail.com

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